Pricing + Services


Retainer packages required for anything 10 hours per week or more.

Packages start at $450.

Hourly rates available for anything less than 10 hours per week at the rate provided.



Calendar Management

$40/hour - We specialize in multiple calendar management options, including CEO, SLT, and  C-Level employees, Conference Rooms and Lines, GoToMeeting Setup, and internal and external large group meetings.  

Survey building

$40/hour - We specialize in Survey Monkey and will utilize your account to build survey's, collect and analyze data and issue reports based on the findings and results. 

Social media management

$50/hour - We will manage your social media including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.  We will work together to build a comprehensive plan, schedule postings, and create intriguing, interactive, and attention capturing posts.   We can also help create e-newsletters, send e-blasts and consult on what will work best for your organization.

Database/crm management

$45/hour — We will manage the day to day data entry of your CRM or customer database and ensure all data is clean, not duplicated and easily filtered for every day use.

Travel arrangements

$45/hour - We will manage all aspects of your travel domestically.  This includes flights, hotels, and vehicle rentals.

Premium management

$40/hour - We will act as a go-between for your Marketing Department and outside vendors to order all premium items.  We have several relationships established and bring a list of contacts with the best rates, all operating locally. 


event planning

$50/hour - We specialize in event planning.  We will sit down and discuss the process from beginning to end, and will ensure every detail is covered in order to provide your organization with the best service and experience possible.  Events may include large group meetings, conferences and special fundraising opportunities.

project management

$50/hour - From concept to conclusion, we'll help organize your project to ensure successful results.  Certified in basic Project Management, we are here to take care of the details for you.

general administrative

$40/hour - Not sure what help you need, but you know you need help?  We're here to answer all of your questions and get your business organized and functioning smoothly.  We can do everything from basic office organization, to managing your supply ordering remotely, to coordinating printing services. 

Administrative training

$60/hour - Are your current Admin good?  Can they be great?  Let us work with them to develop their administrative and customer service skills to be the best representation of your company possible!